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Current Projects

My research focuses on problems of global injustice, on emancipatory political praxis in the context of globalization, and on related puzzles concerning democracy, human rights, responsibility, neoliberalism, and governance and accountability.  I have several projects underway, including:

  • A paper reflecting on the nature justice as a political problem;
  • A paper critiquing so-called realist political theory and outlining a proposal for a realistic approach that incorporates a sensible and politically useful account of political normativity;
  • A paper on responsibility for catastrophic climate transformation that considers how various forms of discursive action, including “kayaktivism,” can be read as practices of taking responsibility; 
  • A paper on how concepts used in public opinion research might help political theorists to rethink the tasks and the possible impact of our work;
  • A book project, tentatively entitled The Contentious Politics of Human Rights, that provides fresh approaches to a number of stale debates in the field by conceptualizing human rights not as moral principles but rather as a political ideology.
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